Shell is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, with significant presence in the Middle East and North Africa. Working hand in hand with governments and local partners, we in Shell are proud to support the countries in the MENA region in producing and delivering an upstream and downstream business.  We operate across the region in a series of joint ventures and partnerships. We supply the technical expertise and economies of scale that come with running a global portfolio of assets and interests.

In Shell, we not only look to partner with host governments and national operators, but rather also believe in supporting the local communities and environments in which we operate.  We recently celebrated 79 years of partnership with Abu Dhabi, and 50 years with Dubai, supporting the country’s oil and gas sector development through knowledge transfer and training, as well as technological support.

Abu Dhabi Contact: Ali-Al Janabi, Country Chair & VP, Abu Dhabi & Syria ( Tel: 026333620)


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