NATS Services Ltd was established as the commercial business within the NATS Group to provide high value, safety critical solutions to aviation customers worldwide.  We manage air traffic at some of the world’s busiest airports and are an industry leader in safety critical aviation & airside services. NATS provides air traffic services to over two million flights annually, and at 15 airports in the UK and 10 in Spain. Additionally NATS provides specialist consultancy and engineering services to 31 countries around the world.  Our industrial sector and international client base are growing annually.

In the Middle East, NATS has a regional headquarters in Dubai and offices in Abu Dhabi and Muscat. This local presence enables NATS to quickly respond to the ever evolving challenges faced by its clients, and ensures a thorough understanding of social, economic and political factors affecting regional operational programmes.

Abu Dhabi contact: Guy Allison (, tel: 0506414638)


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