On 18th March 2020, Expo 2020 participants express unity and solidarity in face of global COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full press release here: 

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Expo 2020 Dubai is a great exhibition that will showcase the achievements of world’s nations. A festival of human ingenuity, it aims to create opportunities for all, wherever they live, to reinforce and reenergise progress towards a sustainable future, to tackle the growing skills gap and help combat youth unemployment.

Expo 2020 represents a major commercial opportunity for British companies across multiple sectors including construction, fit-out, technology, security and events.

The UK’s Pavilion will be based on our global theme ‘Innovating for a shared future’. It will showcase an innovative and creative design to promote the UK’s international agenda and British innovation, creativity and leadership.

For more information, please click on this Link to see how your business can get involved.

Following our recent event with Expo2020 Dubai, please click this Link to view their presentation along with information regarding the Online Market Place. To view their inspiring videos please click on the following links: Be ThereWelcome the FutureExpo2020 MasterplanUAE PavilionCountry PavilionsDubai Exhibition Centre.

Laura Faulkner, UK Commissioner and Project Director, Expo 2020 Dubai also presented to BBG Abu Dhabi. A copy of her presentation can be found HERE. This gives more information on how you and your company can get involved with Expo2020.