UK Property Webinar

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August 31, 2020 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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How to Access High Performing UK Residential Property
31st August, 1pm to 2pm

Free for BBG Members and Guests –

Hear from leading property investment and management company Grant Property on the latest insights and top tips on the UK’s “bricks and mortar” market.

Bricks and mortar have historically been a solid investment in the UK, combining low risk and strong returns. In a market-driven by a shortage of supply and a growing population; is now a good time to start a buy-to-let portfolio?

BBG Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in partnership with Capital Club and Grant Property, invites you to this webinar which will offer:

  • insights into the UK’s buy-to-let market;
  • highlight current trends;
  • where the key ‘hotspots’ are; and
  • how to enter into an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

It will be packed with practical tips, sharing of expertise and experiences, investment know-how and most importantly, ‘top-tips’!

About Grant Property:

Grant Property has helped clients from 40 countries invest in UK property, for over 23 years. Its one-stop service is award-winning, and encompasses property sourcing,  renovation, furnishing and management.  With a focus on traditional property in prime city-centre locations, it provides low risk and high return investments.

To date, Grant Property has helped clients to invest over 2,500 times across 10 UK cities.

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