The BBG intends to maintain the good name of the British business community in Abu Dhabi and to uphold the standards established and expected of British Companies. It has the following aims :

  • to promote and develop business relations in and between Abu Dhabi, the UAE and the UK and to display the commitment of British business to the region;
  • to provide a forum for the British business community in Abu Dhabi and others who are interested in promoting trade between the UK and the UAE, by way of regular meetings to exchange information and ideas;
  • to provide advice and help to British trade missions, business groups and other visitors to Abu Dhabi and assist British enterprises who have formed or who are contemplating business in and with Abu Dhabi;
  • to provide networking and social opportunities for members, associates and guests, to assist their business and support them and their spouses;
  • to provide a link with other organizations with similar aims;

The Group has recently substantially increased its number of members and associates. Many of these are drawn from younger members of the business community and from companies who are amongst the biggest contributors to the new wave of development in Abu Dhabi.

Group events are exceptionally well attended, are invariably informative and always enjoyable. Our recent sponsorship programme has being a great success.

The Group is a busy one and welcomes new members and associates.